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Vertical Blinds

These upright tilted blinds are the most popular choice amongst our customers offering the perfect solution to privacy whilst also giving you control over sunlight through its adjustable tilt function.

Our vertical blinds are offered in a range of fabrics to suit the soft furnishings in your home and in PVC which gives them the added benfefit of being wipeable. Available in both blackout and dim-out, they are suitable for both bedrooms and the livelier family areas.

Our headrail system which is the mechanism the veins (hanging fabric) hang onto come in a range of colours including white, black, anthracite, brown, silver and champagne making them a unique feature in the room.

We offer a standard, mid and premium range to suit all your needs. Our standard vertical blinds come with an all white headrail system, cord, weights and chains.

    Optional extras:

  • Black / anthracite / brown / silver / champagne headrail system
  • Black control cord
  • Silver control chain
  • Black profiling (weights, chains and hangers)

"Make it safe"

Clitheroe Blinds is a proud supporter of the "make it safe" campaign which means we ensure that all our blinds are safe around babies and young children. All cords and chains will be fitted with child safety devices in line with EU regulations to prevent them hanging loose and they will be fitted out of reach of babies and young children.

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